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The complete health tech developer platform

The only ONC certified* platform offering developers and builders all the APIs and infrastructure necessary to create next generation health tech and EHRs

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Our advantage, headless EHR

With Today’s Monolithic EHR

Monolithic (Paleolithic) EHRs stifle innovation. They silo data. They kill integrations and interoperability. Clinicians and patients dislike them. And they are nearly impossible to improve. By design.

With zapEHR

zapEHR allows you to go custom with confidence at a fraction of the cost. We are a platform made for developers first.  We provide the hosted infrastructure, data model, and APIs to power new products at any scale.

zapEHR platform

It’s Your Data

Unsilo your data

Today’s EHRs are notorious data silos. Getting data out is hard, and programmatically getting data in is even harder. Integrations are often limited to HL7v2 feeds or daily SFTP file dumps.

zapEHR provides simple APIs to read and write every attribute of every object in the model. You’ll always have the option to “build your own” or pipe your data out to any other system.

ONC Certification* as a Service

Always compliant

To accept Medicare and Medicaid, your EHR must be certified ONC compliant*.  Understanding, implementing, maintaining, and keeping up with the ever-evolving compliance rules and certification process is expensive.  No longer! Products built with zapEHR inherit ONC certification*, so your infrastructure is compliant out of the box, at no additional cost.  Of course we are HIPAA compliant as well.

FHIR for Thee but Not for Me


The FHIR specification is a powerful interoperability tool helping disparate systems with proprietary data models talk to each other in a standardized format. To achieve its far-reaching goals in a consensus-driven process, the FHIR specification is slow to iterate and very complex.

zapEHR provides a complete FHIR(R4) API for compliance and interoperability use-cases, but FHIR is overly complicated for rapid innovation. We provide a simpler and more powerful API.

Build, launch and scale


Clone one of our starter projects. Build products that fit your practice like a glove, and kick that frustrating legacy EHR to the curb.


Deploy your first EHR module and try it out across your organization on our generous free tier.


zapEHR is built on serverless technology from top to bottom giving you the security and automatic scalability you need so you can focus on building your products.

Transparent pricing

No “talk to our enterprise sales team and become another victim of our price discrimination!” model here. zapEHR charges published fees for compute, storage, and bandwidth, just like AWS and Azure. You’ll pay only for what you use and you’ll know how much it costs in advance.

Self onboarding, instant access

As developers, we know you want to try it first to see if it’s the real deal. No artificial barriers. Grab your license key and go. Need help? We’re here when you need us.

Want to try zapEHR?

We’ll help you get started.